23 February, 2017


In view of our commitment to the manufacture of customized parts and, in order to make this service available in a rigorous manner and in accordance with customer requests, we complement our range of machines with equipment for measuring machined parts. This investment makes it possible to measure the machined elements according to the 3D model sent by the customer and thus verify that the parts are in accordance with the order and within the required standards. This measurement procedure results in a dimensional report that is filed in the process of each piece and can be requested by the customer at the time of ordering or even later on delivery. This is because for the sake of quality control our technicians always carry out measurements of all parts. With this we intend to give our service a guarantee of quality and simultaneously inform the client with rigour and precision. The report is structured on the basis of the customer's 3D model, the machined side measurements being taken in the case of irregular parts based on reference points, and all verified points and respective deviations are presented, as shown below. Dimensional report example If you want to receive this report, just indicate as such when requesting the budget or formalizing your order to machining@ramada.pt. Our technicians are at your service.