04 April, 2022

Kaizen Projects at Ramada Aços

The search for an efficient work methodology and for continuous improvement throughout the organization combined with the QHSE management system, led us to start several Kaizen projects at Ramada Aços.

In order to continue to improve our performance, we realized that it was necessary to dedicate ourselves to the implementation of new dynamics and procedures.

This is how we started 4 different Kaizen projects that are allowing us to achieve greater efficiency. These projects focus on the area of purchases, receipt of materials and execution of cuts at Ovar's warehouse.

With regard to the first project, the objective has been to optimize the purchasing process, which included the definition of a new model for analyzing consumption and the market and the standardization of purchasing measures, which allows us to reduce the waste of material, operation and from stock.

In addition, improved stock management allows us to respond even better to our customers' needs, as well as reducing lead times and making prices more competitive.


We also started a project that aims to optimize the process of receiving raw materials in order to minimize the time from the moment they are in our facilities until the moment the material is made available for manufacturing in the various sectors.

This project also aims to improve the information chain from our suppliers to our customers on the availability forecasts of the various materials.

With the evolution of this initiative, we have already been able to review and change some current procedures, acquire and adapt equipment, digitize processes, among other improvements.


One of the other projects started is aimed at improving the quality and speed of service provided to our customers in all round materials (1D) executed whole or cut.

This project has resulted in significant organizational developments that allow us to optimize all our resources in order to improve the service provided to our customers.


Finally, after installing and starting up the Automatic Warehouse last year and vacating the factory area previously reserved for stock and machinery allocation, we started a project that will result in the implementation of a cell dedicated to the execution of 3D parts weighing less than 25Kg.

With this installation we will be able to achieve the objective of taking advantage of a better layout of our warehouse that will drastically reduce the time of searching/moving parts to deliver to our customers pieces weighing less than or equal to 25kgs in 24 hours.


With all these projects, we are able to reduce errors and leadtimes and improve the service we provide to our customers, with a higher quality and more complete offer.