06 June, 2016


Over the past few years, Ramada Aços has been committed to machining services. Assuming increasing expressiveness, this sector has seen its services expanded and diversified in order to respond to the needs of customers and, above all, to provide them with increasingly complete solutions that allow them to monetize costs and time. In 2014, with the aim of expanding the services already made available, we started the investment in the high precision machining and manufacture of customized parts. Today we are strengthening this commitment. Within approximately one month, we expect to have our increased responsiveness with the start-up of another production unit for the custom mould and tooling market. We reinforce our commitment to state-of-the-art equipment and processes, aiming to establish a course and respond with greater rigour, flexibility and speed of production. At the same time we are providing support systems to these services, as is the case of the Ramada Cloud Machining for sending the machining projects. This platform was created exclusively to foster and facilitate the process of sending the projects of each client, allowing restricted access to each user. Clients must request their password in order to access this tool and thus perform all the exchange of information regarding their projects. Being currently qualified for the Execution of Face Machining, Eyelets and Chamfers, Flat Rectifications, Water Drilling, Slabs and Pre-Finishes and Custom Parts Manufacturing, we continue to encourage investment in our responsiveness as well as in the improvement of services. Contact us for more information. Acos.ovar@ramada.pt Phone: +351 256 580 580