04 April, 2022

Marinha Grande Service Center

Integrated Saw Band Cutting and Overtopping Service

Ramada Aços has been determined to focus on diversifying and increasing its response capacity in the various machining services.

As part of this strategy, the Marinha Grande Service Center represents the evolution towards internal specialization in the provision of sawing and overtopping tape services, allowing the achievement of high-quality parts, with substantially shorter lead times than those obtained by conventional methods.

We have specialized equipment for the overtopping operation, thus allowing the optimization of the machining process, satisfying the highest specifications and requirements of our customers, ensuring flexibility and compliance with established deadlines.

We have the ability to perform overtopping of pieces with high dimensional amplitude, with a tolerance of - 0/+0.30 mm, excellent quality of surface finish, parallelism and perpendicularity between the faces produced, allowing us to satisfy in a very comprehensive way the various requests of our customers.

The Service Center has an installed capacity designed to meet the main needs of Marinha Grande mold industry, and is now operating on a 3-shift basis during the week with additional production during the weekend, in order to achieve a significant reduction in delivery times.

Recently, the stock capacity of raw materials with higher consumption in the molding sector was increased, accompanied by logistical operational reinforcement, with daily distribution being carried out on a permanent basis.

For more information or quote requests, please contact us via acos.m.grande@ramada.pt or orcamentos@ramada.pt, respectively.