25 October, 2016


We are conducting the latest installation trials of one of the largest furnaces in Europe for the hardening of special steel parts for moulds and tools. The furnace will be available for production at the beginning of next November and has capacity for pieces up to 4 tonnes and with a length that can exceed 2 metres (depending on the width). Vacuum hardening of large parts (over 500 kg) is an extremely complex process. Full of variables related to the type of steel, the geometry of the piece, the intended application, among others, the experience is never too much to perform these treatments. And the larger the part, the greater the difficulty in ensuring adequate mechanical properties (high toughness and correct hardness) throughout the section. Together with experience, the equipment and installation are key. Without proper installation and equipment, structurally and thermally, it is not possible to guarantee compliance with the correct treatment standards. Any furnace can have the volume to receive a piece of 500 kg, but most have no homogeneous heating capacity or, worse, the capacity to guarantee the critical speed of the hardening, irreparably compromising the life of the treated part. We are waiting for our esteemed clients to be involved in projects that explore our new limits. We offer our collaboration to discuss the important technical issues, including the correct design, necessary to minimize the risks that exist in the hardening of any part, but that in doing so assume an extra dimension. Providing services since the 50's, always as a market leader and with a dedication of 24/7, 365 (or 366) days a year, we now have one of the largest, most complete and most competent vacuum heat treatment units for steel tools. Assuming metallurgical quality as a fundamental, we have the best delivery time and the most fair price. Check out all the thermal treatments in which we are specialists: "/pt/servicos/aços/tratamentos-ta-3frmicos.html" serviços TT Contact: ramadatt@ramada.pt Tel. +351 256 580 491 Fax +351 256 580 440