06 June, 2016


Around a year and a half ago, Ramada Aços started a cycle of change with an alteration in the corporate image and a reinforcement of its position in the response to the commitment it has made daily over these 80 years of work. Be a customer partner, making your business stronger and more competitive. In this phase, we begin this new cycle with the guarantee that everything that distinguishes us would remain unchanged. The quality of our products, the excellence of our support services and the technical team that differentiates us and that is the basis of the trust that connects us with our customers, is one of these distinctive factors. Change has only one direction for us: continuous improvement and an increasingly efficient and effective response to requests from all who identify us as a value solution to support their business. We thus identified the growing need to inform and bring our products and services closer to customers. And, in this sense, we have developed the design of a new web page that responds in a simpler and more complete way to the requests of the different customers that consult it. We set out the challenge of doing better and communicating better with all who trust us. In our services, in our products, in the technical support, in our experience. We kept tools that provided added value on the previous page, such as the tool for calculating weight and hardness, but we included others in an advanced search where each user can search a product through different search variables. From the simplest ones such as the standard, hardness or profile, to more specific variables such as machinability or tenacity of the material, each user will be able to parametrize their searches, obtain results based on these parameters and finally compare the resulting products according to the their properties. To complement all this, the products will now be organized by classes, but also by applications with the availability of more detailed information for each product. This is because on the new page each product will have an online datasheet that will always be updated and ever more complete. We are still promoting improvements, but today we are changing. Please refer to our email address: http://www.ramada.pt www.ramada.pt which now has new features. If you have questions you can contact us via email at: marketing@ramada.pt