29 June, 2016

NOVELTY: Uddeholm Idun

Uddeholm Idun is the first patented steel for cutting tools, corrosion resistant. It is a revolutionary steel, unique in the market and in the world, that allows the production of the tool holder from start to finish, without stoppages. Since it is supplied in the pre-treated state and does not require any coatings or anti-corrosive treatments, this means from the raw material to the finished product, there are no interruptions in the process. During the development of the material it has been subjected to rigorous research and testing, in order to guarantee excellent results when working the material, associated to a drastic reduction of the time of manufacture. With high resistance to abrasive wear, hard working hardness and fatigue resistance and machinability, Uddeholm Idun has emerged as an ideal choice to shorten the response/manufacturing times and, at the same time, differentiate itself from the rest of the market with a world-class and unique solution . Learn more about this material on our website or product brochures whose links follow below. Brochure Product Uddeholm Idun You may also contact your sales representative or our team directly via e-mail at Vendas.acos@ramada.pt or phone +351 256 580 580.