23 February, 2017


As already reported and according to the action plan made available, the Ramada Academy has already started its training plan for this year. Having started on the 6th of this month, we opened the sessions with the Tool Design module where employees from various Mould and Cold Work companies were present. Next month we will continue with the first module for Toolmakers on Failure Mechanisms. At the same time, and continuing with the position we take with higher education institutions, in the context of supporting students and fostering the approximation of educational institutions to day-to-day business, Ramada Aços will promote a competition where 2 vacancies for each module will be made available to students each month. In this way, the finalists of the Mechanical Engineering, Management and Industrial Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Materials courses will have the opportunity to get to know Ramada Aços and attend the training initiatives. In order to get this opportunity, they have be finalists in the areas mentioned above and answer the questions that will be published on our Facebook page. After finishing the response time, each one will be analysed in order of arrival and suitability to the question. The 2 vacancies will be delivered to the students that meet the indicated criteria. If you have any questions that may arise regarding the training plan do not hesitate to contact us at marketing@ramada.pt