24 December, 2020

The new Ramada's Portal

The commitment to digitalization has naturally appeared on our path as a company and today this effort is even more reinforced.

Therefore, during recent times, we have been developing a new digital platform: the Customer's portal - Ramada Portal!

This platform is directed to our Customers so that they can check and monitor informations related to the comercial, financial and logistics area. The portal will allow the customer to track not only the status of their orders but also its date of dispatch, the planned delivery date, the weight of the order and other relevant data.

Besides, it will be possible to check a whole range of financial information such as credit notes, invoices, among other documents, as well as visualize the balances of open documents and orders in execution in a simple way.

Lastly, through Ramada's Portal, the Customer can also check other types of documents such as certificates and technical sheets.

The platform is already in the final stage of development and, therefore, we will soon release another communication where you will get to know how and when you can create an account and join us at the Portal, among other news.

We believe Ramada's Portal represents a new form of communication with our Customers, as innovative as our company, in addition to allowing us to perform a more direct, transparent, personalized and closer communication.

We will soon introduce you to our new platform.

Stay tuned because, in 2021, it will be yours too!