22 December, 2016


Based on the experience and knowledge of our technical team, as well as the support of our main steel supplier, UDDEHOLM, this set of actions will have as their main objective to inform and equip the participants with more knowledge about steel, its selection and applicability. The aim was to provide the participants with tools to enable them to carry out a more sustained analysis of both the suitability of the raw material and the production methods to the intended final result. The main target groups will be essentially three working groups: tool manufacturers, design offices and end users. These are divided into four functional areas for each of the training topics. Thus, for each group of recipients we will have the appropriateness of the themes for Cold Work, Hot Work, Plastic Moulds and Light Alloy Moulds. Scheduled to start in January 2017 this training cycle will focus mainly on topics such as failure mechanisms, thermal treatments, steel selection, tool designs and production problems. With these actions we intend to continue our commitment to partnering with customers, making your business more profitable and competitive. See the link below for information on the contents and dates planned for these actions. Training Cycle for Ramada Aços For more information on this subject please do not hesitate to contact us via email at marketing@ramada.pt or by phone on +351 256 580 580 (Eng. Pedro Lobo).