27 January, 2017


The MA process allows the execution of practically any shape due to the fact that it is a manufacturing technique which uses the addition of layered material, as opposed to the traditional process of subtraction from material by chip trimming. The advantages of the AM are notorious and related to the weight reduction of the parts, the new range of applications such as the construction of complex fuses with root cooling channels, freedom of design and elimination of the need for various manufacturing techniques (Machining and subsequent welding for example) to obtain a part. After the academic R&D phase, we find that its industrialization is an increasingly reality. At RAMADA AÇOS we are attentive to the latest developments and, in collaboration with UDDEHOLM AB, we have several ongoing projects related to this technology. The launch of UDDEHOLM's first steel for AM is coming soon! At the moment the final tests of applications are underway on selected customers of AM CORRAX steel. We can say that the preliminary results are very positive and that against conventional CORRAX, AM CORRAX has shown very similar results in several tests (toughness, ductility and others) and in applications (inserts and plastic injection mould insertions). In this way and very soon, we can affirm that if you need steel for the production of parts and or mouldings for AM moulds, RAMADA AÇOS will have it.  But we will not stop there and soon we will have more advances in this area! Keep informed through our newsletter or RAMADA AÇOS’s Linkedin.