27 June, 2018


Our partner and supplier of tool steels, Uddeholm, celebrates 350 years this year

Headquartered in Hagfors, Sweden, Uddeholm is currently a reference in the manufacture of tool steels. From its first operation in 1668 until today, they have traced centuries of innovation and have been leaders in the development of products, solutions and methodologies.

With a presence in more than 90 countries around the world, they are now recognized as leaders in the supply of tool steels, quality of their products, know-how and capacity for innovation.

350 years later, they continue to grow and invest in innovation and the constant search for solutions that respond to the needs of our customers, a position we have shared over our 40 years of partnership.

To mark the date, several commemorative events for employees and partners took place in Sweden this week.

Ramada Aços participated in these celebrations, delivering a reminder of the date and the long-standing partnership between the two companies. A blade, symbol of the genesis of our company, Uddeholm steel.

Congratulations to our partner and let us celebrate it for many years to come.