27 October, 2016


As a result of Ramada's long relationship with Uddeholm, Ramada Aços was the chosen entity to host and organize the most important annual marketing meeting of the company belonging to the Voestalpine group. In addition to the discussion, presentation of the results and activities of the respective countries, topics of high relevance to the current context were also addressed, such as: - Current projects in the area of ??steel for the addition of Material - high-gloss optics (high gloss) with greater demand at the same time, the meeting served as an opportunity to present the latest investments of Ramada Aços to our partners, as well as show the charms of our city of Porto. During the stay, the representatives had the opportunity to visit the Port Wine cellars, where the history of this world ex-libris and the city of Porto became known. More important than the words, it was possible to enjoy the sumptuous tastes and sometimes complex wines of different years and crops. Finally, it was possible to dine to the sound of fado, where we proved that language is not a barrier and singing is felt and even moves the soul of any individual, from any part of the world. The photograph of the group in front of our cork oak, which precedes our Ovar installations (1950s) in antiquity, symbolically draws a parallel with the origin of the relationship between Swedish steel and Ramada Aços (1939). We are, with pride and commitment, Uddeholm Portugal!