29 June, 2016


Ramada Aços has been investing in special plates with the dimensional increase of ranges that were already part of the usual offer, as well as undergoing a significant increase in supply with plates with high elastic limit (learn more about this range of products in the link /pt/produtos/acos/aa-os-em-chapa-de-alto-limite-ela-a1stico-anti-desgaste-e-ao-carbono_.html, High Elastic Limit Plates, ballistic protection and a qualitative and quantitative leap in the anti-wear range. In parallel, the cutting capacity has also been developed. At this moment we have a variety of Oxygen Cutting and plasma equipment of high quality and precision; the execution of parts with chamfers is also possible. To optimize all of these features, we also have a specialist for advice on the choice of materials as well as the best part design for wear applications (WEAR SOLUTIONS). Presenting various solutions for cutting parts (Oxygen Cutting, plasma, water jet,…) of 3mm to 200mm, depending on the geometry and quality, parts complete with cutting, bending or other type of operations, as examples of solutions we have sieves for various industries, shredding hammers, bottom and sides of tippers and others. This service has been worked mainly with the Mining Industry and Transportation, Agriculture and Forestry, Energy and Recycling Whenever you encounter a problem, a new situation or an application in need of improvement, contact us. We are the right partner to find the most appropriate solution for each case.   WEAR SOLUTIONS - the right choice for the improvement of your product. Contact our team for more information. vendas.acos@ovar.pt Phone: +351 256 580 580