04 April, 2022

Certification in Occupational Health and Safety

We continue our daily work to increase the security of our operations.

Ramada Aços is proud to achieve yet another goal by achieving the Certification in Safety and Health at Work, according to the ISO 45001:2018 standard, at our headquarters in Ovar and at all our branches, which recognizes our efforts to continuously improve the safety of our operations and employees.

The entire certification process took place during the pandemic, however, and despite all the constraints experienced, Ramada Aços did not lose focus on achieving this coveted goal.

Currently, we continue to develop several projects that include increasing the safety culture of the organization, improving the safety of machinery and work equipment, continuous training, among other initiatives.

At Ramada Aços we are committed to maintain our focus on promoting a proactive safety and health culture, focused on goals that guarantee continuous improvement.