28 April, 2017


But then what is COMPONENT BUSINESS? Component Business or High Yield Steels is the name we assign to the application of tool steels in components/parts finished in machines and/or equipment that are not traditional forming, moulding or cutting tools. And what are STEEL TOOLS? They are special steels developed for the construction of plastic injection moulds, die cast moulds, forging dies, and stamping, embossing, punching and cutting tools. And what are the ADVANTAGES of using these steels? A plastic injection mould produces millions of parts with the same rigour and finish as the first part. A stamp performs hundreds of thousands of stampings of pillars of automobiles, in plates of high elastic limit without deforming or seize. A forge die undergoes tens of thousands of high-temperature hits and continues to produce defect-free parts. An injected casting mould produces hundreds of thousands of automotive engine parts in aluminium injected at 700 °C. And the RESULTS? With high demands on such demanding tools, when applied to steels and components of machines or production lines, the result is: - radical reduction in downtime - reduction of interventions and unplanned stops - finished products with much lower rates of nonconformities - increase in loads and production rates - reduction of contamination due to waste resulting from high wear on food contact can be identified as application examples of Component Business: Knives, Blades and Hammers for RECYCLING Components for FOOD PROCESSING PORTABLE TOOLS for drills, drills, turning tools and other ROCK PROCESSING, components and equipment for fragmentation and crushing OTHER COMPONENTS such as shafts, semi-axles, pumps, valves, injection systems, knives, wheels, guides and much more. If you would like to know more about this or if your industry identifies itself with these solutions, accompany us at the Technical Seminar on high-performance steels in non-tool applications that we will hold on May 3 at the University of Aveiro and May 4 at the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. Contact us for further information or inscriptions: marketing@ramada.pt