30 March, 2017


With a simple and fast indexing of the drilling head due to its unique clamping system, changing this tool is simple. Simply replace the drill head without having to remove the drill body from the tool holder or readjust the length of the drill bit, thus considerably reducing the time it takes to change the tool. The drill heads can be assembled and disassembled with just a small torque and directly into the machine if necessary. New drilling diameters ranging from 6.0 to 9.9 mm are available in the TID version with drilling depths of 1,5XØ to 8XØ, thus allowing excellent drilling performance of small diameters on a wide range of materials. The drill bits are designed to provide excellent chip flow due to the high propeller angle and special surface polishing. This excellent chip evacuation occurs even in deep 5XØ holes, or even deeper, where flow tends to be difficult. Not only does DrillMeister improve machining efficiency, it also dramatically reduces tool cost, minimizing time-consuming tool change and eliminating the cost of sharpening. For more information see the product brochure below or contact our sales department. North Zone | Ricardo Fernandes Mobile: +351 919 971 412 E-mail: ricardo.fernandes@ramada.pt North Zone | André Cardoso Mobile: +351 915 738 825 E-mail: andre.cardoso@ramada.pt Central Zone | Bruno Costa Mobile: +351 914 369 060 E-mail: bruno.costa@ramada.pt Marinha Grande Zone | Vítor Fernandes Mobile: +351 912 239 800 E-mail: vitor.fernandes@ramada.pt South Zone| Gonçalo Frederico Mobile: +351 911 086 401 E-mail: goncalo.frederico@ramada.pt