29 March, 2016


SCM's patented Greenchuck thread for screwing brings an innovative formula to this process through a unique and non-existent lubrication system.

The Greenchuck is a unique and revolutionary system that applies to Minimal Lubrication Quantity MQL technology as well as to machines whose purpose is not this or that are not equipped for this purpose.
Allowing the use of cutting oil to lubricate the male, thus ensuring the best performance at the best cost.
With the innovative ability to mix the machine's airflow with the cutter oil from the refillable tank, it works with 1% of the cutting oil and the remaining 99% is air.
See the operation flow on the link GREENCHUCK.
This is therefore the biggest advantage of this tool. Lubrication of the male using cutting oil instead of the emulsion. The performance of the male with lubrication through cutting oil is much higher, and its useful life is much longer (+220% em média). This ensures greater operational efficiency, a low environmental impact and a substantial cost reduction. Technical features: - Threading capacity: M3-M12, M6-M20; - Threading cone with refillable lubrication tank; - Allows the use of MQL oil or oil for the lubrication of the male; - Suitable for synchronized threading operations; - Quick change of the male and adapter; - Series 24600 and 24400 require compressed air through the machine tree; Contact us for more information about this tool.

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