29 May, 2016


As a response to market needs, Ramada Aços has been developing a range of complementary services to its steel trading activity. In this context, machining services have become more expressive.

Currently our production capacity ranges from the smallest piece up to 40t blocks with maximum dimensions of 1200x2500x4000mm, being able to perform services such as: Face Machining with tolerance to the length/width: -0 +0,2mm; thickness tolerance: -0 + 0.5mm or others on request. Eyelets and Chamfers having the ability to drill and thread eyelets up to M64 in MM or inches.                          Flat Grades with tolerances of - 0; + 0.02mm and limits of 2000mm in width and 4000mm in length. Water drilling with current drilling capacity of diameters from 2 to 100mm with depths up to 2150mm (maximum length depending on the diameter of the drill bit). Slabs and Pre-Finishes in moulding zones and large structures up to 3900x2000mm (the height varies according to the piece but with 700mm guaranteed). Custom machining of parts where high precision machining allows simpler structures to be obtained compared to more complex/customized structures for special moulds. The customer can award both the steel and the machining or just the machining service, since this service works independently of the steel supply.    In this way, we provide continuity to our goals of providing an integrated proposal that goes from the raw material to complementary services, providing a turnkey solution. From ordering, cutting, machining, Thermal Treatments and Logistics, we strive to be in all stages of the value chain of the product or service. Contact us for more information about these services.acos.ovar@ramada.pt Phone: +351 256 580 580