09 May, 2016

New Contact Logistic Support

With the aim of improving the quality of delivery of orders to our customers, we are committed to the creation of a Department of Logistical Support.

This was the first step in the improvement of this service, the creation of a new team dedicated to logistics and that will be exclusively in charge of tracking their orders from the time of their insertion until delivery to the destination. We are still in the original proceeding, however the commitment and the focus of this team is to improve and invest in a more efficient service that ensures each customer the necessary support. So, you can now directly contact the team of Logistics whenever you need information about the cargo, transport and deliveries of their orders. Through the email address of the logistics or a telephone line phones, get information now more immediate and precise about all your queries regarding logistics and distribution. Preferably use the email address Acos.logistica@ramada.pt for requesting information about the status of delivery of your orders, or alternatively telephone +351 256 580 502 and our team will respond promptly to all your questions. We are always at your disposal. Contact us for further information or clarification.