27 July, 2016


The Heat Treatments are one of the services we offer to the clients with the longest history in the company, thus making a significant contribution in the recognition and trust of the clients who accompany us. In this sense, we have been focusing on expanding and improving our services by providing customers with the solutions that best suite their needs. With the acquisition of the B56RN Nitriding Furnace, we have increased the nitriding, stress reduction and tempering capacity of tempered parts. With a capacity of up to 2 metres up to and 8 metres in weight, this new equipment integrates a new nitriding control technology that will allow Ramada Aços to develop their own treatments in nitriding, oxidation and nitrocarburation. Ramada Aços thus has the largest nitriding furnace installed in Portugal. We already had the second largest, we are now leading the installed capacity for this type of equipment. This is one of the investments planned, and we are focusing on increasing our responsiveness and services to provide customers with the solutions they seek. Look out, we will have more news soon.