22 July, 2016


We had tools that were an added value on the previous page, such as the tool for calculating weight and hardness, but we have also been committed to the development of new ones. The products are now organized according to class, but also by applications with more detailed information available for each of them. In this sense, in order to simplify access to the more detailed information of each product, and contact with our team, we now have the option of consulting a product to be able to request the quotation immediately. This way, when you are viewing a product that you are interested in, you will have on the right side an option to request a quotation. Upon selecting the option, a small form opens where the material is identified, having only to fill in the dimensions and quantities, as well as the profile for which you want the quote. After this completion the request is forwarded immediately to our team and with a copy to the person that sent it. The response to the e-mail indicated in the form will then follow. With this tool we will try to streamline the product quotation process, adding to the information query of the material, as well as the opportunity to request the quotation immediately. The tool is now online and available to help you. Try it! Example Uddeholm Vanadis 8 SuperClean