Human Food Processing


Food processing is a very demanding with respect to hygiene and the food contamination control industry. The use of certified tool steels for food contact in addition to good practice will be the rule in the near future.

Food processing is a very diversified industry. As an example we can mention the processing of pastas, sweets, meats and fish.  The type of work the tools perform is also varied, from cutting, extrusion, fragmentation and pelletising.

We can find not only tools but mechanical components that perform important functions and undergo demanding working conditions. This is the case with the extrusion screws.

It is an industry that operates, generally, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, in which the robustness and durability are essential conditions to have in the selection of steel.

As frequent failure mechanisms, we have abrasive wear, plastic deformation, fragmentation and corrosion.

Our steels allow for optimized tool design, high performance, reduced maintenance costs, corrosion resistance, culminating in a global economy of tool cost.